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Stream TV & Movies

Find & stream any movie or TV show from any of the hundreds or sources we sync with!

Stream TV & Movies from hundreds of providers

Track your TV Shows

Get notified when new episodes come out, when seasons end or starts and remember where you left off!

Never loose track of your TV Shows again! Flixi's movie and <strong>tv tracking</strong> tracks everything you watch and let's you know when new episodes are available!

Get Personalized Recommendations

Finally an AI that factors in your own preferences & tastes to provide really sweet movie and tv show recommendations!

Get Personalized Recommendations!

See how compatible your tastes are

Flixi builds a compatibility profile between you and your friends! Next time they recommend something, you'll know whether you should watch it!

Compatibility profiles between you and your friends!

Stream or rent content from any provider available in your country

We sync with all the Networks available in your country so you can watch and stream any movie and tv show by selecting which provider you want to use!

Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, CraveTV, PSN, Youtube, Showtime, Crackle, HBO and many more! And Over 100 More!

Get personalized recommendations based on your own taste profile

I provide tailored recommendations based on your own taste profile. The more time you spend with me, the better I get to know you and the more accurate my recommendations become. I use machine learning pitted against users around the globe to find users who's taste are almost identical to yours in order to give you the best TV & Movie recommendations. Stop looking at review websites, watch stuff you know you will love!

Recommendation Example | Get TV Show & Movie recommendations based on your own taste profile

Track your TV shows regardless of which network they're on

With so many streaming and watching sources like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, cable TV, to name a few; It’s easy to lose track of what TV show is on going, renewed, where you left off or if there are more seasons. That’s where flixi comes in! Keep track of everything all in one place, get accurate recommendations or see what your friends are watching.

TV Show Tracker Example | Never forget which episode you're at, when always know when episodes come out and what you can watch!

Save stuff for later!

Watched an interesting trailer, commercial or some TV show or movie caught your interest or perhaps someone told you about this movie at a party? It's easy to forget everything we want to watch. Not anymore! With a single click, add anything to your Watch List and save it for later!

TV Show Tracker Example | Never forget which episode you're at, when always know when episodes come out and what you can watch!

Finally an easy to give & receive recommendations from friends and family

Finished watching a great movie or tv show that you want to let your friends know about? Whether you want to text them, share it on Facebook or email them, sharing recommendations is now as easy a 2 clicks!

Sis' recommends :

Friend - Sample avatar
Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Seasons 8 | Episodes 73


Dad Recommends :

You - Sample avatar
Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Release Date : Mar 16, 2017

10 /10

Friend & Family Compatibility Analysis

We give you a full statistical analysis of your compatibility with your friends & family... even your significant other. Finally, you'll know whether you're in the right relationship! ;)

Compatibility Stats Example | Find out just how compatible your tastes are with your friends. Don't watch something they've recommended ever again with out knowing first!

We notify you on exactly what matters to you!

With our TV & movie tracking features, we keep you in the loop when YOUR TV shows start, end or when episodes air. We also let you know when your movies are released in theaters or on DVD, when your followed actors or cast release new films or tv shows. We also keep you in the loop as to what your friends and family are watching and what ratings were provided. We centralize everything you can or will be interested in one place!

The best part is all of this is absolutely free!

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