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Average Rating: 7

Release Date: Jun 16, 2011


Run Time: 1h 26m

Original Language: English

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Watch Cho Dependent


Miss Margaret Cho is back, and she has a few things she'd like to share with you. From her hilarious recounting of her backstage feud with the Palins during 'Dancing with the Stars' to musical interludes featuring Cho's witty original songs, this new concert film from our favorite all-American girl will have you howling from beginning to end. (You'll also never look at the 'American Idol' contestants the same way again, but you'll just have to hear Margaret explain that one.)

Main Cast

Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho


Age : 52 | Popularity : 13%


Department Role Name
Production Executive Producer
Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho
Writing Writer
Margaret Cho
Margaret Cho
Directing Director
Lorene Machado
Lorene Machado
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