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Tag Line: It's okay. They'll understand.

Status: Released

Average Rating: 8

Release Date: Jan 1, 2011


Run Time: 12h 15m

Original Language: English

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Production Countries: United States of America

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It's not that T.J. doesn't love his parents, it's just that he's trying to kill them. Thirty-two, unemployed, and derailed somewhere on the path to adulthood, T.J. has boomeranged back home. There, his ennui takes the form of increasingly real fantasies about offing his parents and becoming man of the house. When his high school sweetheart gets engaged, T.J. is forced to deal with his real life, parents and all.

Main Cast

T. J. Miller

T. J. Miller


Age : 40 | Popularity : 26%

Allison Munn

Allison Munn


Age : 47 | Popularity : 15%

Brian Sacca

Brian Sacca

Age : 43 | Popularity : 6%

Ethan Suplee

Ethan Suplee


Age : 45 | Popularity : 28%


Department Role Name
Writing Writer
T. J. Miller
T. J. Miller
Jeff Tomsic
Jeff Tomsic
Directing Director
Jeff Tomsic
Jeff Tomsic
Department Role Name

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