TMDB Rating 5.8
IMDB Rating 6.7


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Budget: $0

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Status: Released

Average Rating: 6

Release Date: Aug 2, 1997

Rating: 청소년 관람불가

Run Time: 1h 48m

Original Language: Korean

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Production Countries: South Korea

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The movie loosely follows the life of "Gangster No. 3", who doesn't like to be called a "Gangster" and really hates to be called "No. 3". But there's lots of tangents and side stories so it's hard to really say that there's any one focus to the movie... it's got a very fractured structure (hence the confusion).

Main Cast

Han Seok-kyu

Han Seok-kyu


Age : 55 | Popularity : 13%

Choi Min-sik

Choi Min-sik

Ma Dong-pal

Age : 58 | Popularity : 18%

Song Kang-ho

Song Kang-ho


Age : 53 | Popularity : 22%

Park Sang-myeon

Park Sang-myeon


Age : 52 | Popularity : 3%

Lee Mi-yeon

Lee Mi-yeon


Age : 48 | Popularity : 3%


Department Role Name
Directing Director
Song Neung-han
Song Neung-han
Production Producer
Seo Woo-sik
Seo Woo-sik
Department Role Name

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