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Release Date: Jun 11, 1991


Run Time: 4h 16m

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In 1981, Gerd Heidemann (Jonathan Pryce), a war correspondent and reporter with the German magazine Stern, makes what he believes is the literary and historical scoop of the century: the personal diaries of Adolf Hitler. Over the next two years, Heidemann and the senior management figures at Stern secretly pay 10 million German marks to a mysterious 'Dr Fischer' (Alexei Sayle) for the sixty volumes of 'Hitler's diaries'. However, to the dismay of all, it is discovered after the publication of first extract that the diaries are crude forgeries, faked by Stuttgart criminal Konrad Kujau.

Main Cast

Jonathan Pryce

Jonathan Pryce

Gerd Heidemann

Age : 73 | Popularity : 31%

Alexei Sayle

Alexei Sayle

Konrad 'Conny' Fischer

Age : 68 | Popularity : 5%

Alan Bennett

Alan Bennett

Hugh Trevor-Roper

Age : 87 | Popularity : 7%

Tom Baker

Tom Baker

Manfred Fischer

Age : 87 | Popularity : 21%

Alison Doody

Alison Doody

Gina Heidemann

Age : 54 | Popularity : 9%

Roger Lloyd Pack

Roger Lloyd Pack

David Irving

Age : 69 | Popularity : 8%

Richard Wilson

Richard Wilson

Henri Nannen

Age : 84 | Popularity : 8%

Peter Capaldi

Peter Capaldi

Thomas Walde

Age : 63 | Popularity : 25%


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Directing Director
Alastair Reid
Alastair Reid
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