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IMDB Rating 7.2


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Tag Line: Youth. Expression. Love. Freedom.

Status: Released

Average Rating: 6

Release Date: Sep 13, 2013

Rating: NR

Run Time: 1h 02m

Original Language: English

Website: Link

Production Countries: United States of America

Production Companies: Sweetgrass Productions



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The weightlessness of youth: every breath radiates opportunity and hope; every sense thrives on the wealth of the present; every thing whispers of brilliance and awe. When you've seen the season’s first great snow through the eyes of a child—you've known true happiness. But what happened to that simple joy? Where do we find the freedom that time and wisdom stole away? Valhalla, Sweetgrass Productions’ fourth feature film, is the tale of one man’s search to rediscover the freedom of his youth. Feeling the distant heat of it’s fire still burning in the mountains of the frozen north, he goes in search of those tending the flame—the untamed, the wild, and the outcast dwelling on the fringe. Weaving narrative-driven style with award-winning, face-melting backcountry ski and snowboard cinematography; Valhalla is a vivid explosion of color, character, snow, and nostalgic soul.

Main Cast

Cody Barnhill

Cody Barnhill


Age : N/A | Popularity : 3%


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Directing Director
Nick Waggoner
Nick Waggoner
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