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Aliases: No known aliases

Gender: Male

Place of birth:


Movie Involvements: 0

TV Involvements: 0

Most Famous Work

Most Famous Work


Year Character Movie/Tv
2023 Grumpy (voice)
2021 Morgan Freemond (voice)
2020 The Feds
2017 Spider Lieutenant / Store Employee (voice)
Construction Foreman (voice)
2016 Brad Bird / Dane the Saxophone Bird (voice)
2015 Narrator / Additional Voices (voice)
2014 Tyler
2013 Narrator (voice)
2010 Narrator (voice)
2005 Jaramillo Henchman (voice)
Junior (voice)
Jerry Seinfeld (voice)
Robert Stack (voice)
Security Guard (voice)
Wayne Gretzky (voice)
Paul Rudd (voice)
Morgan Freeman (voice)
Geoff Peterson (voice)
Morgan Freeman (voice)
1999 (voice)
Dennis Quaid / Tommy Lee Jones (voice)
Don Imus (voice)
Morgan Freeman (voice)
Patrick Swayze / Robert Loggia (voice)
Sean Hannity (voice)
Joe Biden (voice)
Michael McDonald (voice)
Joey Lawrence (voice)
Elf (voice)
Danny McBride (voice)
John Mayer (voice)
Red Redding (voice)
Aaron Sorkin (voice)
James Taylor (voice)
Year Character Movie/Tv

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