TMDB Rating 7.9
IMDB Rating 8.1

Series Details

Seasons: 3

Total Episodes: 66

Creators: Samantha Strauss , Joanna Werner

Networks: ABC Me

Status: Ended

First Air Date: May 31, 2010

Recent Air Date: Sep 30, 2013

Run Time: m

In Production: No

Original Language: English

Age Rating: PG

Website: Link

Production Companies: Werner Film Productions



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At Sydney's National Dance Academy, a few talented youngsters are recruited for the excruciatingly tough course. It follows Tara Webster, a sheepfarmgirl who's ambition is to be the next best ballerina. Jewish long line of doctors' heir Samuel 'Sammy' and minor juvenile offender Christian are the outsiders but gradually fit in, making new kinds of friends. Star ballerina's daughter Kat also introduces them in the circle of last-year brother Ethan, who already aspires a career as choreographer. Also Abigail, a smart young girl who'll walk over dead bodies to reach the stars tries to sabotage everything and everyone.

Main Cast

Xenia Goodwin

Xenia Goodwin

Tara Webster

Age : 27 | Popularity : 3%

Alicia Banit

Alicia Banit

Katrina "Kat" Karamakov

Age : 30 | Popularity : 7%

Dena Kaplan

Dena Kaplan

Abigail Armstrong

Age : 32 | Popularity : 7%

Isabel Durant

Isabel Durant

Grace Whitney

Age : 27 | Popularity : 8%

Jordan Rodrigues

Jordan Rodrigues

Christian Reed

Age : 28 | Popularity : 19%

Thomas Lacey

Thomas Lacey

Benjamin "Ben" Tickle

Age : N/A | Popularity : 3%

Keiynan Lonsdale

Keiynan Lonsdale

Oliver "Ollie" Lloyd

Age : 29 | Popularity : 26%

Tara Morice

Tara Morice

Miss Raine

Age : 56 | Popularity : 7%



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Production Producer
Executive Producer
Line Producer
Writing Original Story
Camera Director of Photography
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