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Status: Released

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Release Date: Apr 3, 2014


Run Time: 1h 30m

Original Language: German

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Production Countries: Germany

Production Companies: Polyphon



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A tall and a small masked man wearing police uniforms driving the local cop car rob 600.000 Euro from a money transport in Eifel town Monreal. Incompetent state inspector Melanie Marschall focuses local police detectives Killmer and Kati Biever, neither of which has an alibi, both had the car keys, even fitting masks where found at Killmer's home. The are suspended, needing to find the -obviously well-informed- real culprits, while precinct colleague Ralf is recruited to spy on them. While Kati's irresponsible grandmother loads further suspicion on them, the cop pair finds several townsfolk and Melanie Marschall in financial need, yet no conclusive clue until a murder raises crucial questions.

Main Cast

Uwe Ochsenknecht

Uwe Ochsenknecht


Age : 64 | Popularity : 9%

Diana Amft

Diana Amft


Age : 44 | Popularity : 7%

Ulrike Bliefert

Ulrike Bliefert

Oma Biever

Age : 68 | Popularity : 3%

Andreas Birkner

Andreas Birkner


Age : 40 | Popularity : 3%

Birthe Wolter

Birthe Wolter


Age : 38 | Popularity : 3%

Despina Pajanou

Despina Pajanou


Age : 61 | Popularity : 7%

Thomas Loibl

Thomas Loibl

Horst Rowohlt

Age : 51 | Popularity : 3%

Katharina Müller-Elmau

Katharina Müller-Elmau


Age : 54 | Popularity : 9%


Department Role Name
Directing Director
Vivian Naefe
Vivian Naefe
Department Role Name

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