MetaCritic Rating 55%
TMDB Rating 5.7
IMDB Rating 6.2
RottenTomatoes Rating 55%


Revenue: $0

Budget: $0

Profit: - $0

Movie Details

Tag Line: What would you do for a second chance?

Status: Released

Average Rating: 6

Release Date: Oct 15, 2004


Run Time: 1h 37m

Original Language: English

Website: -

Production Countries: United States of America

Production Companies: Hart-Sharp Entertainment



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Thirty-nine-year old divorcé Louise Harrington (Linney) works in the admissions office at Columbia University School of the Arts. She is unnerved when she receives an application from F. Scott Feinstadt, the same name of her high school sweetheart who was killed in a car crash, and calls the student to arrange an interview. His appearance, mannerisms, and painting style closely resemble those of her former love, and she begins to suspect the young artist may be the reincarnation of her old flame. Hours after meeting, the two embark upon an affair. Also complicating Louise's life are her relationship with her ex-husband Peter , who confesses he is learning to cope with a sex addiction that, unknown to her, plagued their marriage; her ne'er-do-well brother Sammy, who is favored by their mother Ellie despite his shortcomings; and her best friend Missy, who stole the original Scott from Louise before his death and seems intent on doing the same with the contemporary version.

Main Cast

Laura Linney

Laura Linney

Louise Harrington

Age : 56 | Popularity : 32%

Gabriel Byrne

Gabriel Byrne

Peter Harrington

Age : 70 | Popularity : 18%

Lois Smith

Lois Smith

Ellie Silverstein

Age : 89 | Popularity : 5%

Topher Grace

Topher Grace

F. Scott Feinstadt

Age : 41 | Popularity : 18%

Becki Newton

Becki Newton


Age : 41 | Popularity : 5%

Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd

Sammy Silverstein

Age : 51 | Popularity : 36%

Marcia Gay Harden

Marcia Gay Harden


Age : 60 | Popularity : 37%


Department Role Name
Directing Director
Dylan Kidd
Dylan Kidd
Department Role Name

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