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Birthday: 1917-10-17 15:09:41

Aliases: Marcia Virginia Hunt

Gender: Female

Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA


Movie Involvements: 50

TV Involvements: 8

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Marsha Hunt (born Marcia Virginia Hunt; October 17, 1917) is an American retired actress, model, and activist, with a career spanning over 70 years. She was blacklisted by Hollywood film studio executives in the 1950s during McCarthyism. Although initially reluctant to pursue a film career, in June 1935, at age 17, Hunt signed a seven-year contract with Paramount Pictures. Paramount discovered her when she was visiting her uncle in Los Angeles and the comedian Zeppo Marx saw a picture of her in the newspaper. She was then offered a screen test for The Virginia Judge. At Paramount, Hunt mainly played ingenue parts. Between 1935 and 1938, she made 12 pictures at Paramount, including a starring roles in Easy to Take, Gentle Julia, The Accusing Finger, Murder Goes to College, and two on "loan-out" to RKO and 20th Century Fox. In 1937, she starred opposite John Wayne, a couple of years prior to his breakthrough in Hollywood, in the Western film Born to the West. The studio terminated Hunt's contract in 1938, and she spent a few years starring in B-films produced by poverty row studios such as Republic Pictures and Monogram Pictures. She also headed to New York City for work in summer stock theatre shortly before winning a supporting role in MGM's These Glamour Girls opposite Lana Turner and Lew Ayres. The role of Betty was said to have been written specially with Hunt in mind. Other roles in major studio productions soon followed, including supporting roles as Mary Bennet in MGM's version of Pride and Prejudice with Laurence Olivier and as Martha Scott's surrogate child Hope Thompson in Cheers for Miss Bishop. In 1941, Hunt signed a contract with MGM, where she remained for the next six years. While filming Blossoms in the Dust, film director Mervyn LeRoy lauded Hunt for her heartfelt and genuine acting ability. In 1944, she polled seventh in a list by exhibitors of "Stars of Tomorrow". She also appeared in None Shall Escape, a film that is now regarded as the first about the Holocaust. She played Marja Pacierkowski, the Polish fiancé of a German Nazi officer named Wilhelm Grimm.

Most Famous Work

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation

(1987) Anne Jameson
Murder, She Wrote

Murder, She Wrote

(1984) Elvira Tree
The Twilight Zone

The Twilight Zone

(1959) Mrs. Henderson
The Outer Limits

The Outer Limits

(1963) Francesca Fields


(1955) Sarah
The Defenders

The Defenders

(1961) Della Martin
Johnny Got His Gun

Johnny Got His Gun

(1971) Joe's Mother
Cain's Hundred

Cain's Hundred

(1961) Gloria Bonner


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2021 N/A
2015 Self
2010 Self
2008 Norah Strinberg
Hazel Reedy
2006 N/A
1988 (archive footage)
1987 Anne Jameson
1986 N/A
1984 Elvira Tree
1981 Marge
1974 N/A
1973 N/A
1971 Joe's Mother
1969 N/A
Mrs. Varney
1968 N/A
1967 N/A
1965 N/A
1964 N/A
1963 N/A
Francesca Fields
1962 N/A
1961 N/A
Gloria Bonner
Della Martin
1960 Kate Miller
1959 N/A
Mrs. Henderson
Jessie Bartley
Jennifer Peck
1957 Edith Brennan
Kate Hazelton
1956 N/A
Anne Dobson
1955 N/A
1954 N/A
Judy Anderson
1952 Susan Bonnard
Marcia Tillayou (segment Actor's Blood)
1950 N/A
1949 Mary Ryan
Martha Wier
Mrs. Hartley's Secretary (uncredited)
1948 N/A
Ann Martin
Francine Taylor
1947 Martha Gray
Nora Ryan
1946 Evie O'Connor
1945 Constance Scott
1944 Rosalind
Sylvia Lockwood
Marja Pacierkowski
1943 Katie Mallory
Flo Norris
Freddie Andrews
Diana Steed
Marsha Hunt
1942 Regina 'Reggie' Van Maaster
Leila Tree
Martha Lindstrom
Jane Mitchell
Mary Smith
1941 Gail Fenton
Pauline Miller
Katherine Logan
Hope Thompson
Agatha Hall
1940 Claire
Barbara Braun
Mary Bennet
Jane Taylor
Miss Eleanor Worth
1939 Kitty Crusper
Herself (uncredited)
Betty Ainsbridge
Lucy Morgan
Susan Bowen
Barbara Burnette
Martha Sharon
1938 Valerie Taylor
1937 Judy Worstall
Amy Morgan
Julia Clemens
Girl Getting Coat Dropped on Her at Finale (uncredited)
Nora Barry
1936 Sylvia Smith
Claire Patterson
Donna Westlake
Patricia Blakeford
Harriett Lindsay
Julia Atwater
Judith 'Judy' Belding
1935 Mary Lee Calvert
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