TMDB Rating 7
IMDB Rating 7.5

Series Details

Seasons: 1

Total Episodes: 25


Networks: tv asahi , TBS

Status: Ended

First Air Date: Apr 5, 2008

Recent Air Date: Sep 27, 2008

Run Time: m

In Production: No

Original Language: Japanese

Age Rating: NR

Website: Link

Production Companies: TMS Entertainment



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When her newly-built home is razed to the ground by an earthquake, low-achieving, clumsy, and troublesome third-year high school student Kotoko Aihara is forced to share a roof with the school's—and possibly Japan's—smartest student, Naoki Irie. Kotoko is not actually a complete stranger to Irie-kun; unfortunately, a single love letter that she tried to give him in the past has already sealed her fate as far as he is concerned. Throw in some quirky friends and a meddlesome mother, and Kotoko might not even have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the older Irie boy's heart. Yet Kotoko remains optimistic that, because she now lives in his house, her unattainable crush on the genius since the beginning of high school has never been more within reach.

Main Cast

Nana Mizuki

Nana Mizuki

Aihara Kotoko

Age : 41 | Popularity : 37%

Daisuke Hirakawa

Daisuke Hirakawa

Irie Naoki

Age : 47 | Popularity : 14%

Romi Park

Romi Park

Irie Yuuki

Age : 49 | Popularity : 10%

Naoko Matsui

Naoko Matsui

Irie Noriko

Age : 60 | Popularity : 5%

Bin Shimada

Bin Shimada

Aihara Shigeo

Age : 66 | Popularity : 12%

Yuko Goto

Yuko Goto

Christine Robins

Age : 40 | Popularity : 11%

Shuuhei Sakaguchi

Shuuhei Sakaguchi

Ikezawa Kinnosuke

Age : 43 | Popularity : 3%



Department Role Name
Writing Comic Book
Directing Director
Sound Theme Song Performance
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