TMDB Rating 7.9

Series Details

Seasons: 1

Total Episodes: 13


Networks: AT-X , Tokyo MX , BS Fuji

Status: Ended

First Air Date: Oct 4, 2020

Recent Air Date: Dec 27, 2020

Run Time: m

In Production: No

Original Language: Japanese

Age Rating: NR

Website: Link

Production Companies: Bridge



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It is the year 20XX. Earth was assaulted by monsters that would come to be known as "the Enemy of Humanity." In order to deal with this threat, special schools composed of teenagers with extraordinary abilities were formed. These people, who came to be known as "the Talented," had abilities that could defy the rules of reality. Among these people with supernatural powers was an outlier, an individual who was sent to one of these schools despite having no innate special abilities whatsoever. This is the story of our protagonist, who attempts to defeat the Enemies of Humanity through the use of intelligence and manipulation alone.

Main Cast

Rumi Okubo

Rumi Okubo

Nana Hiiragi (voice)

Age : 32 | Popularity : 8%

Hiro Shimono

Hiro Shimono

Nanao Nakajima (voice)

Age : 42 | Popularity : 25%

Yuichi Nakamura

Yuichi Nakamura

Kyōya Onodera (voice)

Age : 42 | Popularity : 16%

Mai Nakahara

Mai Nakahara

Michiru Inukai (voice)

Age : 41 | Popularity : 9%

Yukina Tsutsumi

Yukina Tsutsumi

Kirara Habu (voice)

Age : N/A | Popularity : 0%

Takuya Nakashima

Takuya Nakashima

Moguo Iijima (voice)

Age : N/A | Popularity : 3%

Aiko Ninomiya

Aiko Ninomiya

Shinji Kazama (voice)

Age : N/A | Popularity : 0%

Tomohiro Ono

Tomohiro Ono

Ryūji Ishii (voice)

Age : N/A | Popularity : 4%



Department Role Name
Visual Effects Character Designer
2D Artist
Color Designer
Writing Series Composition
Art Art Designer
Art Direction
Prop Designer
Camera Director of Photography
Editing Editor
Sound Sound Director
Sound Effects
Original Music Composer
Directing Series Director
Department Role Name

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